How to Fix “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET” error message?

“Error _connection_reset” is an error code which is quite similar in all the operating systems, such as, Android, Windows, and Mac. The only difference lies the procedure to resolve them. Now before getting on to its procedure to solve the issue, we’ll be understanding the meaning of the error code and its root cause.

Root cause

“Err_connection_reset” occurs when you’re trying to go to a web page of a website. Another web page might or might not work, but the pages which are having a problem with loading will display this error code. However, if you’re totally disconnected from the internet, the message displayed will be “Err_internet_disconnected”, which is of course, completely different.

web page.PNG

Hence, the issue lies in the web browser or device instead of your internet connection. So now let’s see how we can fix this problem without disturbing the computer settings.

Fix “Err_connection_reset”

The error is coming from the web browser, therefore the solution for a varied operating system would be the same. Just the procedure or steps to perform will be different.

Method #1: Turn off Antivirus software

(Applicable on Mac, Windows, and Android operating systems)

Anti-virus software is one reason to create this nagging issue. So if the Anti-virus detects that the web page or website is not safe your the system, it will block the page and this is what it is made for. But if you are confident with the page being safe for your system, you can proceed with the procedure given below.

  • Click on the shortcut icon of the Anti-virus.

  • Disable or turn off the software.

  • Now restart your web browser and try again.

  • If the Antivirus is creating this problem, it will forcefully stop, whereas, if the issue persists, then follow the next procedure.

Method #2: Proxy setting

Proxy servers are quite popular for a number of reasons, to provide anonymity while using the internet as well as to filter the web content. It basically acts as a computer where your internet requests are processed. A proxy server can block particular web pages, as its main goal is to filter content. Hence, we’ll be changing the Proxy settings.

For Android

  • Select your web browser

  • Tap on the toolbar and select settings

  • Choose “Show advanced settings”

  • Now select LAN (Local area settings)

  • And finally uncheck automatically detect settings

  • Use a proxy server for your LAN.

Final verdict

“Err_connection_reset” may seem a little simple to deal with, whereas, it’s one of the most annoying error code to deal with. Before proceeding with the solutions, please be a little careful with your data. The system might hang up or crash, not to worry, as you restart the device, all your data will be safe.